Why Choose Us

We stand for Quality Assurance and the Timely Delivery of Goods. Team work and optimised technology is at the core of our services. We strive towards the simplification of processes and systems, commercial documentation and government regulation so that our clients can focus on their core activities.

Our roots run deep, with 17 years of experience, in the form of Infinite Success a company that has grown to become a leader in the shipping and logistic arena. Read more about us at www.infinitesuccess.biz

Reliable & Holistic Services

N & N Exim Trading House has been built on decades of experience in the International Trade and Logistics Industry. Having understood its challenges, regulatory requirements and benefits we also provide shipping and logistics services so that we can become the one point of contact for all export and import solutions.

Efficient Transportation & Storage

We hold close to heart the ideology that in order to provide delightful services every aspect of our organisation must fit perfectly together and function as one. Our highly integrated network of interstate transportation and warehousing partners allows us to guarantee speed and safety.

Customer support

From identifying products and suppliers to creating a simple purchasing process, establishing long term relationships to smoothening custom hiccups, the team at N & N Exim Trading House strives to provide support to its customers every step of the way, around the clock.


A wide range of pharmaceutical substances which are required for the production of finished pharmaceutical products.
Modelling baords
Polyurethane based material for model and tool making and the manufacturing of checking fixtures and test units.
Ceramic Products
We offers a line of ceramic products to meet the needs of the oil manufacturing industry. Cost effective solutions for smarter business procurement.


N & N Exim Trading house has been built on decades of experience in the International Trade and Logistics Industry. It holds close to heart the ideology that in order to provide delightful service and excel in the current scenario, we must ensure that every aspect of our organisation is designed to fit perfectly together and function as one entity.

Our experts source quality goods and services, using their in-depth experience and understanding of various product categories. This allows our clients to focus on their core activities without having to worry about the quality, rices and timely delivery of goods required for their business to function smoothly and their customers to remain satisfied.

Identification and development of Indian suppliers | Creating a steady stream of supplies | Negotiations | Quality Inspection | Global Logistics Management
Many Indian companies are scouting for products to import and international traders to collaborate with in order to improve their business value and reduce costs. N & N EXIM Trading House is set up in one of the most vibrant and commercially viable cities, Pune, a stone throw away from one of India’s largest shipping port and trade hub, Mumbai. From this geographical stronghold, it is perfectly set up to assist foreign companies to introduce their products in the Indian market. Technology, experience and customized processes ensure that we provide smart solutions for products looking to enter or expand within India.

Feasibility tests in India | Assist companies to comprehend Indian Tax system | Develop Marketing strategies | Global Logistics Management | Trade fairs | Financial advice
N & N EXIM Trading House was founded with the intent to not just contribute to India’s trade but also become a beacon of change. In our bid to challenge the status quo and develop ever-evolving solutions for traders, manufacturers and retailers we have create a one-of-a-kind trading platform. We use digital technology to allow business to find the best suppliers, quickly and at the right price.